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Preserved Moss Decor Concrete Tray

Handmade solid cast concrete with 100% Naturally Preserved Moss with 0% Maintenance.

Bring an eye-catching greenery to your home, office or restaurant and genuinely experience the soft connection to the natural essence of Scandinavian forests. The beauty of Cushion moss* - also known as Bunn or Pole mossmoss lies in its multidimensional structure, each spring of moss is unique – you will not find two that are alike.

The natural structure and scent of the moss can be preserved thanks to the stabilisation process, so the plants keep the natural greenery, elasticity, softness, and tenderness. It is 100% natural, long-lasting products from nature.

Length: 8 centimetres
Width: 8 centimetres
Height: 4 centimetres

The product are handmade by Hardmades - "Hardmades is something you can’t find on the market, authentic, bespoke. It’s handcrafted pieces for those who see no beauty in mass production. Something unique, yet simple and natural. This uniqueness is in the very nature of the material used – concrete" - by Justas Lu, founder of Hardmades.

*Moss is hot-glued to the concrete and not removable. If you would like to arrange the moss yourself, please let us know.
Note that each pieces are handmade to order, we aim to deliver within 5/7 working days.
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Preserved Moss Decor Concrete Tray

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