About Lebloom London

Lebloom provides flowers in Hampstead, Finchley, and surrounding areas.

We provide high quality bouquets for any occasion as well as bespoke services.

With many years of experience in the industry we achieve to create weekly flowers and plants displays for big corporate, retail and hospitality

mixing our own creativity with the budget, timescale and client's desires.

Our team will closely work with you to create beautiful and luxurious arrangements for events and weddings around London.


Call +44 7387 190460 or email us at [email protected] for quotes or consultations on site.




We can deliver your flowers, plants, or gifts to any address in Hampsted, Finchley, and surrounding areas.

Please be sure that the recipient address you provide us is correct and stated in full.

Let us know of any additional information that would help us find the address.

If the recipient is away at the time of delivery and there is no safe place to leave the flowers (usually with a neighbor or outside the door),

an email or a text will be sent to inform the recipient that the delivery was attempted.

The recipient will then be required to call us to arrange a new delivery.


Flower Care

When you receive our hand-tied bouquets they are ready to be placed straight into your favorite vase.

Make sure there is nothing touching the water other than the stems.

Foliage, or any part of the flowers, should stay above the water level. 

We recommend changing the water every couple of days meanwhile freshly trimming the stems,

Preferably at an angle to bring longevity to the flowers.

We also suggest not to expose the flowers to direct sunlight or a heat source.


Multiple Chrysanthemum in fields

Our Team

"Lead our industry with innovation, creativity and quality is what we do!"

Our philosophy is that if you try your hardest and set new standards in quality adding personal touches then the reward of success is nearby.

With a great creative team, we at Lebloom provide beautiful arrangements for businesses, weddings, events, and retail.