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Orchids & Plants

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Most indoor plants need at least few hours a day of sunlight to live like Calathea, Orchids and Ferns, when others like Cactus and Succulents need to be in constant light. As a general rule don’t expose indoor plants to direct sun light for long period of time otherwise the plant will start to suffer showing leaves damage.

How much water do indoor plants need?

Most indoor plants like to be watered once a week during spring and summer times, and every 10 to 14 days over autumn and winter period. But watch out for radiators during winter! Overwatering is a very common things to do with indoor plants, especially because the pot into they are, it might not have holes and this cause the extra water to sit at the bottom and as result the plants start to die. So a glass of water for a 20 cm pot will do the job. You can always check, digging a finger into the soil to see if it is dry or wet.

What about cactus and succulents?

They don’t need as much water as we think, they can live months without. A cactus in a 20 cm pot can be watered once a month. In this scenario better underwater it than overwater it, so don’t worry if you forget to water it, it will survive!

And Orchid Plants?

Orchids love high humidity more than actual water but not all of us have a humidifier so the best solution is to spray the roots and the bark soil with water every 2 weeks, or you could also deep the pot in water for about 10 minutes and remember to let the water drain completely as sitting water at the bottom of the pot can cause roots to rotten. Repeat this every 10 to 14 days.

Wash the leaves

Don’t let the dust to build up on your plant’s leaves. Why? Plants breathe through little pores in their leaves and they get blocked up easily. So give them a wipe every couples of week, support the leaf from underneath with your hand and with the other wipe away from the with one hand supporting the leaf from underneath, and the other wiping away from the stem with a wet cloth or sponge, give them a wipe every couple of weeks.

Spray indoor plants with water 

Indoor plant While watering plants is essential to their life, spraying them with water can be just as important. Indoor plants such as Fern, Alocasia and Calatheas, in general all those plants who likes high humidity, really benefit from misting as humidity levels in most houses tends to be quite low, in particular when the heating is turned up.