Flowers and plants have a natural power of creating around them a vibrant and healthy environment.

Whether they are arranged at the entrance of your lobby, on your desk or designed to be placed in meeting rooms

they will always release a sense of luxury and wellbeing.


At Lebloom we create an additional way of ordering your weekly flowers, in a few simple steps with you being in control:

1. Flowers: select the newest arrangements available on the website being able to choose the size you like.

2. Vase: choose the vase that suits you best.

3. Delivery: just tell us the day and time you like to receive the arrangements.

4. Enjoy the beautiful blooms for the week and we will be back the following with a fresh one if you so desire.

For a personal consultation, please contact us.

We also provide a long-term bespoke service of weekly flowers and plants displays with complete aftercare.