Desert Garden

Desert Garden

bouquet of white roses, white lillies and white bouvardia

Green Park

Victoria Park

     Victoria Park Bouquet by Lebloom is a floral arrangement that captivates both the eye and heart. This bouquet is a striking blend where bold, deep purple hues harmoniously meet the gentle warmth of soft yellow. The Victoria Park Bouquet is a vibrant blend of hydrangea, peony roses, sunflowers, cloves, sedges, and other carefully chosen blooms. Each flower has been accurately selected for its superior quality and freshness, promising a stunning display that endures.

     Please note, if a specific flower or foliage shown in the image is unavailable, we'll select a suitable replacement to maintain the bouquet's overall aesthetic

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This bouquet is a vivid interplay of colors and textures, creating an unexpected harmony that delights the senses. Ideal for anyone who appreciates the beauty of contrasts and the unexpected, the Victoria Park Bouquet is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to brighten up a loved one's day.